Precision Core Pins manufactures medical pins, core pins and puller pins for the orthopedic industry. Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality components to be used in the medical industry, and we adhere to strict quality control standards. We understand that our medical pins will be used in the process of treating patients, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Regardless of what you need to be created, we have the capability of manufacturing it to your exact specifications and can do so with a dimensional tolerance to + -.00005″.

Our products can be used when performing procedures in the following specialties:

  • Small and large joint reconstruction
  • Dental reconstruction
  • Spinal treatments and therapies
  • Interventional spine
  • Arthroscopy

Our components are used in multiple orthopedic devices including suturing devices for rotator cuff repair, metal shafts and drivers for suturing devices, titanium implants, external fixation systems, implant-specific instruments, and needles for drug delivery systems.

If you are looking for precision and expertise, Precision Core Pins is the solution for your medical device manufacturing needs. With over three decades of experience, our team of experts is available to provide a quote, and we can handle both large and small orders.

At Precision Core Pins, we manufacture all of our products in the United States which allows us to implement strict quality control measures, provide excellent customer support, and deliver products faster than our competitors. We have five facilities and can manufacture core pins, medical pins, ejector pins, ejector sleeve, punch pin, puller pins, sucker pins, mold components, grommet pins, and mandrels that can be used for medical devices that are improving the quality of life for patients throughout the country.

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